Southeast Kansas Respite Services (SEKRS)

SEKRS provides the following services that are designed to support and keep individuals with disabilities in their home and in their community:

Respite Services

Are those services provided by a trained professional going into the home of a person with a disability to provide the caregiver in that home a break or interval of rest from the challenging task of providing care for the person with a disability. The goal of the program is to give caregivers time away with peace of mind and trust by knowing the respite provider in their home has been screened, trained, and has experience providing care. This program will provide respite for individuals of all ages, and will not be limited to a specific need, disability or health care issue. The primary consumers are family members of a person with a developmental or acquired disability.

Coordinated Resource and Support Services (CRSS)

This program is designed to respond to crisis situations with individuals who are dually diagnosed with developmental disabilities/intellectual disabilities and mental illness. CRSS is designed to stabilize an individual who is in crisis with the goal of preventing the need for hospitalization or institutionalization. Additional outcomes also include limiting the person’s contact with law enforcement or removal/eviction from their living situation.  Following the initial crisis intervention, this program focuses on the development of recommendations related to the environmental, behavioral, psychological, and or systemic issues that may be contributing to the person’s difficulties. These recommendations are designed to be as comprehensive as possible in identifying the issues leading to problems and then identifying service and support options based on the individual’s needs. These recommendations integrate community-based resources to support the individual, account for current and needed supports, and focuses on the communication skills of the person and their social skills with emphasis on quality of life.

Payee Program

This program provides the necessary supports, services, and guidance for individuals who cannot manage their money and finances. This program manages a person’s monthly income to pay bills while distributing discretionary spending money in a fair and judicial manner. This program receives the payee’s social security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments and uses those funds to pay for current and foreseeable needs of the beneficiary (e.g. rent, transportation, clothing, food, recreation, etc.).  Additionally, the program works to inform and support the person in learning to manage their funds with the goal of the person participating in or making informed decisions regarding the use and management of their money.

Homemaker Services

These services are provided to individuals to support them in their home living environment and to assist them in maintaining their independence. These services include light housekeeping, running errands and providing transportation as needed and appropriate. As with other programs the intent of this program is to maintain individual in their current living environment and prevent movement in more restrictive settings such as nursing homes, hospitals, or other more restrictive settings. These services will concentrate on persons with disabilities living on their own and elderly individuals.

Funding Agencies

Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

Parsons State Hospital and Training Center


Southeast Kansas Respite Services

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