Media Laboratory


The LSI Media Laboratory supports research and development in information, communication, and publishing technologies. Specifically, the LSI Media Laboratory focuses on the creative use of digital technologies to enhance the lives of people with disabilities, augment teaching and learning, and communicate and express ideas.


The Media Laboratory has a 40-year history of film, videotape and print media production in conjunction with grant-supported projects. The LSI Media Laboratory is the location of state-of-the-art facilities for the production of video and print materials, closed captioning, multimedia production, facilities for distance learning technology, and a 40 x 60 foot television and film studio. Modern production equipment and software packages and tools are used for the production of electronic media, graphics, video, and Web site development.


The Media Laboratory provides a unique environment for exploring and developing applications using digital technologies and multimedia. Research conducted by the Media Laboratory includes developments in a range of disciplines including technology integration in classrooms, evaluation of technology and innovative technologies including video captioning and description.


The Media Laboratory provides design, development, and technical support for a number of Institute, University, and external programs and projects including website design and development, graphic design and layout, video production, and captioning. These ventures broaden the Media Laboratory research community through collaborations with other programs and projects within the Life Span Institute and the University of Kansas.

Funding Agencies

State of Kansas

Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities/Administration on Developmental Disabilities

Principal Investigator