Breakfast Clubs for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Breakfast Clubs for Alzheimer’s caregivers are support groups for anyone who serves as a caregiver to an individual with a dementia illness like Alzheimer’s. Caregivers might be a spouse or adult child helping to take care of someone or might be a family member who, while not having any direct role in care, would benefit from information and sharing with others about concerns through the course of the illness. A staff member from the Alzheimer’s Association is always in attendance and available for questions.

The Breakfast Club offers an opportunity to come and talk with individuals who share similar issues while enjoying a free breakfast. Breakfast clubs are held monthly, in each of four locations: Chanute, Parsons, Fort Scott, and Pittsburg.

Funding Agencies

Title III Older Americans Act

Southeast Kansas Area Agency on Aging

Collaborating Agencies

Alzheimer’s Association Heart of America Chapter

Principal Investigator

Michelle Niedens, L.S.C.S.W.